Global Rich List

September 8, 2008

Everyone in the US realizes that we’re rich, but it’s fun once in a while to take a look at the numbers.

For example:

  • Last year I qualified as the 817,000,000th richest person in the world, to be in the top 14% of the world, without having graduated highschool at that time.
  • To be in the top one (1) percentile, you must earn 47,500 dollars in a year.
  • The middle 50% made $850 dollars last year.
  • 9% of people, hundreds of millions, lived on less than a dollar a day.

You should definitely check out and play around with the numbers yourself.


USC Life

August 25, 2008

so I realized that I am really more motivated to produce content about USC and living there. But at some point I’d like to pursue this blog, so if you’re reading this: someday it will be interesting. But right now, I’m blogging at which will have current information on there.



USC Food #1

August 19, 2008

So let’s sum up USC’s food- first four meals since moving in.

Tortellini with Green Beans and Rice

Tortellini with Green Beans and Rice

This was my first meal. It tasted like the Ravioli your mom begrudgingly gave you as a kid. Not something I recommend you eat as a mature, distinguished freshman in college. Unless of course you like bad, frozen Ravioli


Delicious fresh tossed salad with Honey Mustard

Delicious fresh tossed salad with Honey Mustard

This was delicious. Those friendly ladies will make this right before your eager eyes and then allow you to consume it. Best part was, it’s all meal plan! Addtl note: I still need to try it with Chicken, but that’s what tomorrow’s for.


Fettuchini Alfredo with Corn and Cabbage

Fettuchini Alfredo with Corn and Cabbage

This was ok. I love Fettuchini Alfredo. But it wasn’t delicious. The cabbage is worth having and the corn was good enough to save the ratings. An obvious lack of protein here, which was not good 2 hours later when I was hungry again.


Chick-Fil-A with Ranch and Buffafalo

Much better than I expected. Someone went crazy on the lemonade, and I actually had to stop drinking it because of the crazy sweetness. SERIOUSLY…and I love lemonade. The sandwich was good, a far cry from a “real” Chicken sandwich, but the fries were nice.

4.5/10 (but I’m a chicken snob…so it’s hard to get good ratings)

What do you like? Any really appetizing stuff I should try?

First Night Carolina

August 17, 2008

Time to blog about the way the world oughta be.

So I show up in Maxcy dorm this morning to be greeted by

This guy, Harris Pastides. Well I introduced myself, hi I’m stephen etc. And he says: “we’re really glad to have you at the college, I’m president of the University.”

You’re president? Woah! So the story gets better when he and his wife are totally down for taking a rug and 50 pound luggage up 3 floors of stairs to my room. Needless to say, I’m a fan.

Then it’s time for “First Night Carolina,” a freshman event where everyone gets together and gets pepped up for the year. So the little guy to your left is adoringly named: “Cocky.”

Cocky? Anyway the standard cheer for any gameCOCK is: “gooooo COCKS” (embarrassing at all?) lol it’s not bad, because if 10,000 other people cheer at the same time, the weirdness sorta disappears, at least a little bit.

Anyway my riff begins when I show up on time, leave on time, and get to the stadium…on time. Well for the next HOUR I watched people file in, all the while seated on the deliciously comfy bleachers. Then the DVD doesn’t work. Why!? Well that’s why we have tomorrow.

Moonwalking Bear

July 29, 2008

If you feel successful right now, watch this:

This is the epitome of “oops, I missed the point”

8 unStandard companies

July 29, 2008
  1. Apple
  2. Starbucks
  3. Facebook
  4. Wikipedia
  5. Google
  6. Vitamin Water
  7. Mozilla Firefox
  8. Skype

These companies are more known for the products, but keep customers based on their exceptional experience. For example: Skype has reinvented VoIP (Voice over IP) with a user interface that works for everyone.

Bonus: Pandora Radio gets props for rethinking radio, they weren’t the first, but they’re in my experience the best.

Hello world!

July 28, 2008

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!